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Guards, Bite Appliances

You wear a seatbelt when you drive a vehicle, and a helmet when you ride a bike, so don’t forget to treat your teeth with the same level of caution.

Our teeth can be damaged in the blink of an eye, or very slowly over a long period of time – and the results can be traumatic.

At Avenue Dental, we can make customized appliances to protect your teeth from different types of damage.

Sports Guards

If you play a sport with lots of physical contact – like hockey, rugby, or football – your teeth are in constant danger of being chipped, cracked, or even completely knocked out. A sports guard will cushion your teeth from any impact.

Bite Appliances

If you clench or grind your teeth at night, you’re breaking down the enamel of your teeth and damaging your jaw – and probably giving yourself a terrible headache, too. We can create a custom bite appliance – protecting your teeth from any clenching or grinding friction.

Both of these appliances are created to fit your teeth perfectly, they’ll feel like a comfortable part of your mouth, and – most importantly – they’ll help protect your teeth from harm.

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